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3-D Cash

by Allen, Mark

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Do you like to make your spectators' eyes pop out and their jaws drop? If so, Mark Allen's 3-D Cash is for you! There have been many bill tricks in the past and a few new ones lately, but none match the power of 3-D Cash.

The work is so clean you might get imprisoned for money laundering! Every movement is motivated and all the sneaky work is completely disguised.

More than twenty years of careful consideration to every minute detail and the incorporation of several psychological principles are what make this wonderfully visual and deceptive money mystery so strong. The possible variations for presentations and performance styles are far greater with 3-D Cash than with most other bill effects. You can easily adapt this trick to be as entertaining and mysterious as you can be.

Picture this...You show the fronts and backs of four one dollar bills (really). Then, in the fairest possible manner all four of the one's change to fives, and you then show the fronts and backs of all the bills again (no kidding)! When you're asked if you can turn them into hundreds, you do! Once again, you show the fronts and backs of all the bills!

Powerful, anytime, anywhere magic, with more bang for the buck in every sense of the word! Your spectators simply won't know what hit them.

The 3-D Cash DVD is packed with lots of ideas and subtle variations.

Available from your favorite magic dealer.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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Official Review

August 19th, 2003 2:19pm
Reviewed by David Parr
This is a brief DVD devoted to a single effect: Mark Allen's "3-D Cash," an evolution of the popular Pat Page routine "Easy Money" (which was itself based on a routine by Fred Kaps), in which a number of bill-sized pieces of newspaper magically transform into genuine currency. Mark Allen's handling expands this concept into a routine in which several dollar bills appear to appreciate in value: ones become twos; twos become fives. Or, if the performer prefers, the bills can depreciate in value: fives to twos; twos to ones. (I've cited the bills Mr. Allen uses on the video; other denominations or types of paper currency could be used.)

"Improvements" to classic magic effects often turn out to be complications rather than advances. In this case, performers will be pleased to know that while Mark Allen's alterations to the gaff allow for an extended routine, they are not accompanied by an increase in complexity of handling or a decrease in directness of effect. Mr. Allen has... [Read More]
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February 4th, 2004 6:12pm
Reviewed by Richard Mendez
I think this is a good instructional but it merely builds on an effect (a four bill transformation that can be openly displayed on both sides) that is already being offered on Richard Sanders' "Slow Burn" and Gregory Wilson's "Hundy 500" which are knock out effects already all by themselves. This addition simply allows for one more transformation of the bills at the cost of a thicker gaff.
3 of 5 registered users have found this review helpful.

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