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Shocking Notes

by Ravina, Vincenzo

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Category: Bizarre
Media Type: Book

Product Description

Tricks to Make People Scream

These 16-page notes contain 21 easy-to-do tricks designed to shock your spectators into screams. You'll learn how to:

* Apparently break your own neck!
* Stick a needle straight through your hand!
* Swallow entire saltshakers of salt!
* And much more

16 pages

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Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
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Official Review

September 8th, 2003 10:53pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
I have mixed emotions in writing this review. Part of me doesn't want to do it. Why? Because this offering is SO BAD that my stomach literally churns at the thought of it. But, I also fear that some of you out there might end up sharing this gut wrenching experience, so I will persevere.

There are times when I believe that the stuff marketed to magicians has truly hit rock bottom. But after reading Vincenzo Ravina's Shocking I am convinced we are still fully plummeting headlong into the abyss.

First, let's talk about the outright theft:

Vincenzo has lifted Mac King's fork in eye stunt and the punch line to Jim Pace's the web, both without credit or permission. He has not varied either effect. What we have is pure plagiarism.

This is wrong and should not be tolerated.

He also has included the bit where one eats a goldfish by switching it for a carrot. This is currently in use by Mac, though has a history. Does Vincenzo credit either? Of course not. Perhaps one day he... [Read More]

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