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Fem Fatal

by Hilford, Docc

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Docc Hilford's Cassandra Deck is a special deck of cards that made magical history in 1999 when it sold to a very select group of inside professionals for the unprecedented fee of $100! Those few fortunate enough to own one, guarded its secrets closely. Now, you can learn the innermost secrets.
The Cassandra Deck is so much more than a special deck of cards, it's a tool that enables the amateur or professional magician to perform miracles.
This book contains 64 original tricks that are designed to shock both your audiences as well as you with their directness and mystery. You will also be shown what no one has ever known before, exactly how to build your own Cassandra Deck.
Each trick is so uniquely different you can do an entire show with The Cassandra Deck and your audience will experience a wide variety of magic and mentalism-not just card tricks.
Absolutely one of the finest pieces of workable mentalism.

Available from your favorite magic dealer.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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Official Review

November 20th, 2003 1:27pm
Reviewed by David Parr
The following quote is Docc Hilford's review of Fem Fatal: 64 Sinful Secrets of The Cassandra Deck(TM) from his introduction to Docc Hilford's Fem Fatal: 64 Sinful Secrets of The Cassandra Deck(TM):

"The tricks in this book are all good, some are great and others still outstanding. There are no bad or mediocre tricks here."

This should sufficiently convey the shameless tone of the rest of this "book." I use the word "book," in quotes, because that is what the author calls it. Fem Fatal: 64 Sinful Secrets of The Cassandra Deck(TM) is in fact a 64-page, photocopied, saddle-stapled pamphlet or booklet, replete with typos, misspellings, tortured sentence structure, and whimsical punctuation. For added value, there are two hazy, indistinct illustrations, one of which appears to have been drawn by a monkey on an ether binge.

Again, I quote: "This book contains 64 original tricks... Each trick is so uniquely different you can do an entire show with [Read More]
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