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Electric Act, The

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Light a Fluorescent Lamp held in hand
Light a Torch from a glass of water
Light a Torch from Girl Assistant’s hand
Light a Torch from an Apple
Also from a coin - See them laugh when spectator takes his borrowed coin.
A long chain of light tubes can be illuminated - coloured light tubes can be illuminated. Performer can light a firebrand from his tongue, make water ignite in a metal goblet of water, make sparks shoot from his fingertips, ignite a cigarette, illuminate a neon sign etc. Audience participation stunts can be performed such as placing coins on a metal tray ... spectator is invited to take them and he receives a mild shock when he touches the tray. Performer holds an apple in his teeth and asks spectator to take a bite - he receives a mild shock when he does bite etc., etc. Many other INCREDIBLE EFFECTS can be presented with the aid of this amazing apparatus.
HOW DOES IT WORK: The performer does genuinely have electricity passing along his body (not through it). The unit generates HIGH FREQUENCY electricity which has very low amps. Although there are 60,000 volts travelling along your body due to the low amps it will not harm you as long as normal precautions are taken. When the performer is stood on the box he feels only a slight tingling sensation and it is not at all unpleasant.
Many years ago the famous ELECTRIC CHAIR STUNT was presented in sideshows etc., all over the world. The trouble was that this was bulky and it was impracticable to carry it around for cabaret work etc. We have now designed a unit which can operate off 220/240 volt mains circuit OR off the rechargeable batteries which are built into the unit. This means you can perform the effect in the middle of a football pitch if necessary. The unit can be carried by one person and is set up in seconds. It is all self-contained inside the box.
Date Added: May 15th, 2003
MLA SKU: THpuqHwaRxSz0mj


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