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Light Tubes Thru Girl

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A small box resting on a thin table is shown all around. A girl climbs into the box, squeezes down inside and the lid is closed. Eleven light tubes are now pushed through holes in the side of the box. The front door is opened and the girl has vanished, the box is filled with unlit light tubes. The back door is now lowered and the audience can clearly see right through the box. The performer now presses a switch on a control box and the light tubes are immediately all ILLUMINATED filling the box with light. But still there is no sign of the the girl. The rear door is now closed. The front door is closed and the light tubes are removed. The box is turned around showing the girl is not hiding at the back. The performer fires a shot at the box and instantly the lid opens to reveal the girl safe and sound. This is a sensational illusion which can be performed surrounded. The table legs can be removed and the box breaks down for packing - most of which will fit into the table. The light tubes are specially coated with plastic to prevent damage and to protect the girl. The illusion is supplied with 11 light tubes and the control box. Based on Jack Hughes’ Spear Box illusion this ultra modern version is a sure fire winner!
Date Added: May 15th, 2003


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