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Comedy Chaotic Candle

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The chaotic candle is an old prop and has been available on and off for quite a few years. This new model that we offer is unique in as much as it can be accurately timed to suit your patter and routine. This prop is not a trick in itself, but an addition to the burnt and restored note routine, adding some very funny situation comedy to this well known effect.
EFFECT:The performer requests the loan of a five pound note from a member of the audience. This is placed into a small envelope and 'so that everyone can see it', it is placed in a clip on a small stand, lit by a candle. 'We must take care to place it well away from the candle, to avoid accidents' jokes the performer. He now steps forward to continue addressing the audience. After a short time the candle suddenly topples over at an angle, setting fire to the envelope and the note. The performer, of course, does not notice this, much to the amusement of the audience and the discomfort of the lender. Not until the note is burned does the performer 'notice' what has happened. All's well though when the note is finally restored to its owner. No melting wax or similar ideas, a precision timer does the work. With instructions.
Date Added: May 15th, 2003
MLA SKU: IqjaAP6oxeYQ63K


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