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Resistance Secrets

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Product Description

The presentation of a series of scientific baffling effects that appear contrary to all NATURAL LAWS. Deemed impossible by those who have never witnessed the phenomena; regarded unreal by those who have seen it. The effect is that of a strange mental influence exerted over the strongest, weakening them at will. Un-describable, yet real!
(1) Man or woman stands on one foot and places broom across outstretched hands and challenges any number (yes, any number) of men, women and children to push against this broom - and push her off her balance. Nor does she employ any great physical energy in successfully resisting this superior force, a mere girl combating the combined effort of 20 or more men.
(2) Performer states that strongest man cannot lift her against her will, and a trial proves assertion. However, when she so 'wills,' the lifting is easy. A tremendous sensation and the feature attraction of many shows the world over. The 'Non-Liftable Girl' is the greatest of Resistance Secrets.
(3) Performer places the tips of the two forefingers together, holding same about six inches in front of the chin, requesting any spectator to grasp the wrists and pull the fingers (which merely touch each other) apart. As utterly simple as it may seem, this is impossible without the performer's consent. A 'vest pocket' edition and extremely effective.
(4) Performer places palms against broom handle of ordinary broom held in vertical position and requests any spectator to push the broom down so the lower end touches the floor. This Is found impossible to do, as they cannot move it down one inch, yet the performer simply supports it with open palms.
The above resistance effects can be accomplished by anyone possessing the true secret. Absolutely no apparatus is employed in this super-sensation. May be per formed without previous experience, only a few minutes practice required. Excellent for a feature attraction, ballyhoo and high-class entertainment. Untold possibilities when presented as 'Mental Force', 'Mind Over Matter,' 'Hypnotism,' etc.
A puzzling experiment, to which no intelligent solution has ever been offered. Two persons insert one finger under knee, other under arm pit of some party seated and lift them several inches clear of the chair they are sitting on. As good as it sounds and fine in conjunction with Resistance Secrets.
Date Added: May 15th, 2003


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