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Stage Hypnosis Audio Tapes

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Audio Tape

Product Description

This course is designed for the performer who wishes to present HYPNOSIS ON STAGE for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. It does NOT teach you to become a qualified medical hypnotist. THIS IS A COMPLETE ACT IN ITSELF and will enable you to perform for ONE HOUR OR MORE using GENUINE SPECTATORS - NO STOOGES USED. You will be able to make members of the audience MILK INVISIBLE COWS, PLAY INVISIBLE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, go to sleep when you snap your fingers and many, many more hilarious stunts. FOUR HOURS on CASSETTE TAPE will teach you the correct patter to use, the MIRACLE METHOD OF APPARENT HYPNOSIS, HOW T0 HYPNOTISE HECKLERS, HOW TO HYPNOTISE A COMPLETE AUDIENCE, HOW TO HYPNOTISE DOVES, RABBITS, HENS AND OTHER ANIMALS. IT TEACHES YOU HOW TO BE A STAGE HYPNOTIST WITHOUT USING ANY GENUINE HYPNOSIS WHATSOEVER. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER DEREK REVEALS THE REAL SECRET OF STAGE HYPNOSIS. You never actually genuinely hypnotise ANYONE, but simply use PURE PSYCHOLOGY. If you have a good personality, show business experience and can handle people YOU CAN PERFORM THIS ACT. Also revealed are how to turn a girl into a veritable SAMSON as she resists the strength of men twice her size etc. The true secrets of the STAGE HYPNOTIST have been closely guarded for many years but Derek reveals THE LOT. Today’s Stage Hypnotists earn VERY BIG FEES - so can YOU.
Date Added: May 13th, 2003


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