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Medical Hypnosis Course

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Audio Tape

Product Description

This course is designed for the person who wishes to become a PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTHERAPIST and who desires to earn a living from treating patients for a vast variety of complaints. The course comprises SIX HOURS on CASSETTE TAPE covering in the fullest detail the various suggestions to be given to alleviate and cure such symptons as: LACK OF CONFIDENCE, INSOMNIA, NAIL BITING, STAMMERING, BLUSHING, DEFECTIVE MEMORY, HOW TO STOP SMOKING, DEPRESSION, CONSTIPATION, HEADACHES, OBESITY, STAGE FRIGHT, PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH, SEXUAL PROBLEMS ETC. It teaches you the HISTORY OF HYPNOSIS, HOW IT WORKS, GENUINE INDUCTION TECHNIQUES, CONSULTING ROOM PRACTICE AND SELF-HYPNOSIS. Many professional hypnotists are earning VERY LARGE SUMS OF MONEY treating patients in their own home with no overheads. YOU CAN DO THE SAME with this remarkable course which has been devised for the SERIOUS STUDENT of medical hypnosis. Unlike Stage Hypnosis, this is the REAL McCOY, the genuine techniques as used by HARLEY STREET HYPNOTHERAPISTS. Derek is a fully qualified medical hypnotist and spent several years operating a clinic in Bolton. Included with the course is an examination paper (purely optional), which can be completed, should the correct pass mark be achieved you will receive a nice DIPLOMA which can be displayed.
Date Added: May 13th, 2003


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