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Professional Pickpocket, The

by Lever, Derek

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Category: General
Media Type: Audio Tape

Product Description

Two cassette tapes give you TWO HOURS of lessons plus some photographic illustrations will enable you to begin picking pockets very quickly. These are just a few of the many sections covered in the course. The theory and principles of Pick-Pocketing, how to steal a handkerchief from a breast pocket, how to steal a pen from the top pocket, how to steal articles from the inside pocket, how to steal items from the hip pocket, how to steal items from the outer coat pockets, how to steal a wrist watch, how to steal braces, how to rehearse etc. The course enables anyone who is prepared to spend a little time and effort practicing, to go out and perform a complete Pick-Pocketing act. Even if you do not want to perform a full act picking pockets, your act will benefit from including one or two of the clever stunts when you perform audience participation.
Date Added: May 13th, 2003
MLA SKU: lY9sfCjOQ5YatD8


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