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Commercial Comedy

by Lever, Derek

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: Audio Tape

Product Description

This is the real “McCoy”, the inside information on ALL ASPECTS of COMEDY. Covering comedy props, heckler stoppers, situation comedy, patter etc. Derek is the only Comedy Magician ever to win “New Faces” on T.V. outright and after working as a professional for over 25 years, he really does know his subject inside out. Now you may not be able to tell funny stories but we guarantee that after listening to these TWO 60 minute cassettes on your tape recorder, you will be able to add some kind of comedy into your act. How do you choose a member of the audience to help you? You probably DON’T CHOOSE THEM ... THEY CHOOSE YOU and then you wonder why they tried to ruin your act for you. Derek tells you how to choose a spectator, easily and quickly and how to make sure they will HELP you.
Date Added: May 13th, 2003
MLA SKU: AIzcZJopcqq2u7G


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