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Comedy Wonder Glass

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Here is a new and very funny comedy routine which uses audience participation, but without actually bringing a spectator on stage. You pretend you are thirsty, and reach for a tumbler a drink of beer/milk/Coke etc. You pretend to hear a spectator say that he would like a drink too, so you offer to share the drink with him. So saying, you pour the tumbler full of drink into another empty tumbler. The empty tumbler is now full of drink BUT YOUR TUMBLER IS ALSO STILL FULL OF DRINK .... how can this be???? It is appears that you have DOUBLED the quantity of liquid by magic. You now have two tumblers full of liquid, so you tell the spectator that he needn’t bother coming up to drink it, he can do it from his seat. Pass him a drinking straw and ask him to suck through it. As he does so, one of the tumblers full of liquid begins to slowly diminish until most of it has gone. Properly timed this is a really hilarious piece of business. The liquid in the tumbler can diminish whilst placed on a table with the performer nowhere near it. Other methods of using this versatile apparatus are given in the instructions.
Date Added: May 13th, 2003


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