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Spotty Dog

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Briefly, the magician shows a large cloth polka dot bag with a plain neutral inside. Two hankies of different solid colours are shown and tucked into the bag. The pattered routine provided makes use of several good comedy ideas throughout, which ultimately lead to the solid hanks changing into spotted ones. As they are dramatically shown to the audience the magician suddenly looks startled and says, “Wait a minute, there’s one spot missing!” He looks into the bag calling, “Spot, Spot, here Spot!” Turning the bag inside out, over his hands, he reveals a beautiful cute dog puppet complete with floppy ears and red tongue. Waggle the dog’s ears about and say, “Here’s Spot. Spot the Dog!” You’re now in a very fine position to do some simple “vent” manoeuvres. Even if you only put the dog in front of your mouth and make him “bark,” it’s a very funny idea for audiences 6 to 60. Complete with bag, four hankies, and the excellent routine.
Date Added: May 12th, 2003
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May 15th, 2021 7:13pm
Reviewed by Vincent
My favourite Magic Trick! The presentation is everything with this. It packs flat is angle proof and easy to do. It can be performed with or without volunteers. So practical, I use it in almost every Magic Show I do! Highly recommended!
Yours truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent!

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