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Ali Baba Junior

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Categories: General, Childrens
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

GREAT KIDDIES ENTERTAINMENT - full of Colour - Excitement - Fun and Audience Participation!
FIVE LARGE JARS . . each of a different colour, are displayed on a handsome Stand. "Ali" .. a very colourful chap, ten inches high .. is "introduced" and placed on a spindle in the centre of the stand. Saying that "Ali" is a very clever lad, the magician invites the children to put him to the test. Anyone (no force) calls out any of the colours (no force) "Ali" is spun round (like a clock hand), and later comes to rest at the freely selected coloured Jar! This is repeated, again and again .. under more difficult (and funny) conditions .. and, trying to "catch him out" .. the position of the jars is changed .. but, whatever is done, "Ali" always stops at the freely selected coloured Jar!
Finally, the kiddies are told that the Jars are the ones which contained the famous Forty Thieves and that in one of them is concealed a hidden treasure! "Aided" by the children all yelling out the performer’s favourite "magic word", "Ali" finds the "Treasure Jar" and from it is produced Toy Money (we supply this), Sweets. etc .. a smashing finale to a really great routine which by the way, can be put in your show RIGHT AWAY! The Showy Apparatus Breaks down for easy Packing.
Also useful in many other tricks, for dispensing with the Jars, the apparatus is excellent for the discovery of freely selected (no force) Cards, Colours, Names, Numbers, etc., a real Utility prop, to be used in both ADULT and KIDDIES shows.
Date Added: May 12th, 2003
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October 4th, 2004 5:06pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
This trick is large, colourful and well made (well the one I have is) I have used it on numerous occasions and some how I always feels that it's lacking something.

The trick seems to be more of a puzzle that magic. (a good puzzle though) So for the kids you need to 'hype' it up that little bit more so they don't become too bored just watching Ali spinning around.

Saying that getting the kids to shout things like "ooohhh" as Ali spins is a sure way of keeping them interested. If you need a 5-10 minute spot filled in your magic show then this is a must, if you are looking for some wonderful magic to perform then choose something else.

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