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Elusive Rabbits

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Category: Childrens
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

This Colourful COMEDY trick, with a SMASHING CLIMAX was one of the BIGGEST HITS FOR YEARS.
The apparatus consists of two model rabbits and covers, in an amusing routine the rabbits interchange places several times. But dubious moves on the part of the performer arouses the audiences suspicion. These being voiced in no uncertain manner, lead to the smashing SUCKER CLIMAX. Frankly, the finale is too good to give away here. But clients now know that ENTERTAINMENT is our keynote and can be confident in our recommendation that ELUSIVE RABBITS is one of the best sucker effects for years!
A grand comedy effect suitable for all types of audiences, from children to the most sophisticated of adults ... they will all fall for it!!
Can be performed on platform or drawing room. Self-contained ... easily packed and light to carry. Tastefully decorated in the style for which we are famed.
Complete with Comedy Routine.
Date Added: May 12th, 2003


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October 4th, 2004 5:06pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
Out of all the sucker tricks available this is my favourite.Especially for the older child in the audience. You can draw them into you lair by ignoring them then WHAM you do the punch! I milk this trick for all it's worth, including telling the kids that there is someone behind them so they turn around and I change the rabbits. Of course they catch me........ yeah right!

But the climax is brilliant it is so unexpected and even fools the adults.

Well worth getting!

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