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My Best Card Trick

by Baron, Harry

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Ridgmount Books

Product Description

Compiled by Harry Baron, My Best Card Trick is a collection of card tricks from seven magic luminaries of the day. Jack Avis, Frances Haxton, Al Koran, Gus Southall, Joe Stuthard, Edward Victor and Peter Warlock all contribute new material to this small booklet.

Stapled booklet, pp. 31, 7 b/w photos. and 7 diagrams. Published by Ridgmount Books, London, 1953.
Date Added: Apr 7th, 2003
MLA SKU: oacfFbATyvkGtTJ


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Official Review

April 23rd, 2003 3:44pm
Reviewed by David Acer
The premise is an engaging one: ask seven of magic brightest lights - Jack Avis, Frances Haxton, Al Koran, Gus Southall, Joe Stuthard, Edward Victor and Peter Warlock - to contribute their best and favorite card trick to a small, staple-bound collection destined for greatness. And if "best and favorite" had been the only conditions imposed, this would indeed be a glorious treatise. But, unfortunately, each contribution ALSO had to be "previously unpublished," meaning the contributors were forced to draw from a smaller pool of effects. The results, unfortunately, are somewhat disappointing.

The tricks range from busy (Avis' "The Lady Tells All," in which the Queen of Hearts apparently whispers the identities of four free selections to the magician) to boring (Haxton's "Spectator?s Choice," in which a card reversed in the deck by a spectator matches a prediction made by the magician). Joe Stuthard reveals his work on the "Card in Cigarette," which, while perfectly functional, is just... [Read More]

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