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Secrets of Invisibility

by Fisher, Cody

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Category: Close Up
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This is Cody's long awaited work on the Invisible Deck. These routine have fooled top names in magic and have never been in print until now. You will learn the most deceptive, most diabolical routines for the INVISIBLE DECK ever created. These notes contain:

"Invisibility"-A killer stand up version of Invisible Deck that was first published in Cody's lecture notes "Required Reading". Knowing how the Invisible Deck works only makes this routine more amazing! This is one of the most popular items on Cody's lecture tours.

"Totally Invisible"-This is the one you have been waiting for! Ten years in the making...Cody has invented a New Invisible deck! This really has to be seen to be believed. You will fool yourself with this version...because the deck can be shown on BOTH sides! (Note: Deck is NOT Included...These Are Merely Instructions On How To Make The Deck. It's Not That Hard)

"Total Invisibility"-This is Cody's most deceptive version of the Invisible Deck. This is the one that Cody uses at magic conventions to fool some of the Top Names in the business. This is truly a reputation making effect!

"Your presentation & handling for the Invisible Deck is the most clever and commercial I have ever seen." --Johnny Thompson

"Your version of the Invisible Deck is absolutely PHENOMENAL!" --Marc DeSouza
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
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Official Review

March 4th, 2003 2:59pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
This review will be in two parts, the first will detail what I feel is a glaring misrepresentation in Cody's work and an attempt to mislead the historical record of magical creation. The second will be a review of the material itself. If credits, and historical accuracy are not important to you, then skip the first part.

Cody Fisher either has no understanding of what it means to copyright an effect, or he is the rare possessor of a magic time machine. In Secrets of Invisibility Cody S. Fisher claims to have used the "completely 'new work'" he is about to reveal for over 10 years in his professional career. Is this true, or is this some outlandish claim intended to give his work credit it doesn't deserve?

[I was a little suspect of this given his crediting record on his Unforgettable Coin Magic tape (2000). Two of those routines were learned by Cody circa 1997-8, yet on the video he claims that they have been a staple of his professional working repertoire for over 10 or... [Read More]

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