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Assistant (Comedy costume change), The


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Categories: Bizarre, Costume, Comedy
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

You call a spectator and ask him to be your assistant, then you dress him like a magician (actually you give him to wear a "poncho" with, in front, a silhouette of a smoking; it look very strange and funny).
After some byplay, you decide that is better a female assistant for your next trick, so you rip down the front of the jacket of your assistant , and immediately he appear to be dressed as an elegant woman (of course, your assistant !) .
Then you call other two spectators to help you; you knot two ropes around your "assistant" and you give the end of the ropes to the spectators.
You explain that, at the 3, the spectators have to pull the ropes.
The spectators pull the ropes, the ropes pass trough the body of your "assistant", ripping off the "costume".... Now the audience watch the "assistant" in a funny underwear suit with bra and big pants... .
THE ASSISTANT is a great and original comedy trick, the smoking "jacket" have a real pocket in front, so you can use it for to produce cards or small object before to start with the routine of changing clothes. The routine has a great audience partecipation and is very visual. It’s a perfect trick for comedy and parlour magician, MC or Clown.
Each piece is professionally sewed by a theatre costume maker and will last. Each silhouette has many 3D details for to look more real (the smoking have a real pocket, Papillion, buttons, the Lady dress have a necklace, a belt...).
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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