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Baxters Better Newspaper Tear

by Robert Baxt

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Hocus-pocus

Product Description

Do you want to perform the classic Torn & Restored Newspaper effect, but hate the hassle? Well your wait is over. Master comedy magician Robert Baxt has finally released his Better Newspaper Tear effect, straight from his FISM award-winning act! Just imagine displaying a full-sized sheet of newspaper, legitimately ripping it up into dozens of little pieces, then instantly putting them all back together in a flash restoration (and not having to tediously cut and gaff duplicate sheets or mess with rubber cement)!

Robert Baxt's Better Newspaper Tear is perfect for the working performer, with a 30-second reset and no need for tape, glue, scissors, fuss or muss-just the incredible gimmick that lasts a lifetime and any newspaper.

You receive the specially-designed gimmick, a Performance & Instruction DVD which includes Robert's method, hilarious routine, and complete presentation. You'll also receive a helpful Tutorial Chart which takes you through the routine step-by-step and a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity with exclusive performance and television rights personally signed by Robert Baxt.
Date Added: Oct 17th, 2003


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October 21st, 2003 6:51pm
Reviewed by oagwood
There are many methods for tearing newspapers, so why chose this one. The reason I did was because of the copy and how it said the setup was quick and the effect was magical. This is all very true.

Many people will say that this is far too expensive and there are less expensive alternatives.

Although, I agree this may be true, I feel this method is the best. There is no mess, no real fuss, I can set it up in about 2 minutes (start to finish), and the gimmick they sent is very durable.

Yes, it uses a gimmick, which is almost too heavy but works really well. Some people have stated that their gimmick had to be redressed after 2-3 performances. I have not had this problem, I have done this effect many times and with no problems. I may change it later to fit a different torn effect, but that will be all my chosing.

This method is great and I really enjoy it. I love it when someone takes an old idea and updates it making it more user friendly.


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