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A Game of Life and Death

by David Parr

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(Based on 4 reviews)
Categories: Bizarre, Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: David Parr

Product Description

A playfully macabre piece of close-up magic, in which an audience assistant is invited to play a game of cards with the Grim Reaper!

No sleight-of-hand!
Complete script, instructions and special props included.
A delightfully different card routine!
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by grymoire
I've performed this effect several times over the past week and it always gets a great response. No one has actually thrown money at me yet, but the response "WTF?" has come up more than once. (Note to self: Find some audiences that don't speak in acronyms.)

The top few cards need to be setup but the rest of the deck is available for bringing your audience to the edge of wonderment before launching them like a flaming meteor into a complete state of awe with this closer. Okay, that may have been a bit overly theatrical, but a nice bit of theatre is always what you get from one of David's scripts. This, of course, suits my style just fine.
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December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by StevenStrange
Excellent effect, as advertisted it's playfully macabre and involves no sleight of hand. You have to have a playfully macabre personality (or persona) or else you probably won't perform it effectively. It involves a delightfully diabolical, practically self-working force. Personally, I like effects where the assistant (the audience volunteer) comes out ahead (rather than the magician getting the best of the audience volunteer) and this effect qualifies . . . altho with a nice twist.
May 28th, 2010 12:05pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I've had this effect for over a year, and it has served me well. My initial interest was sparked by the visual (antique skull engraving), title, and description. It sounded so unique, that the memorability factor on the spectator's half seemed high. I deliberately vary methods and plots with cards and closeup effects, and this effect is clever, humorous, and definately NOT something most people have seen-or, played. The actual mechanics are a breeze, leaving much room to focus on presentation. I also found additional applications of a principal that Mr. Parr included, originated by Henry Christ.
I have my batch of quick, high impact card effects, but only pull this out when
I know people are paying attention, and are going to be sticking around for
awhile. The premise and the little 'death card/message' add a dimension that, to me, takes this beyond clever card manipulation. Everyone I've shown this to, is ALWAYS left laughing via the effects conclusion, as well as the deadpan... [Read More]
January 2nd, 2013 6:36am
Reviewed by Eric Ellis
I don't quite understand how there is three reviews and a product description and nobody has mentioned what exactly the trick is. I am not asking for the method. I am asking What exactly is this trick?????
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