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Color Changing Lighter

by Fantasio

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Categories: General, Close Up, Stage
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Vernet

Product Description

Imagine you borrow a red Bic lighter, you pass it trough your fist and instantly changes to white showing your hands absolutely empty. You can change it again to red and give it to the spectator.

There are plenty of routines also for stage, for example: You show a red Bic lighter, push it through your fist and, at the same time, you pull from the bottom of the fist a red silk. Finally the lighter changed to white and the hand is absolutely empty.

Comes with two gimmicks: one to change a lighter to red and the other to change it to white.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: lLbtf5UoE8ExmfO


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September 20th, 2011 11:58am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
The description of this trick, here and possibly elsewhere, is inaccurate. After the lighter goes, say, white, you cannot hand it back to the spectator-not unless you switch it. I guess I have one of my eyes on product descriptions, and if they match the product and effect. It's not always so.
This is, in my opinion, a nice piece of business. It comes from the genre of magic I grew up on-Fantasio, and his candles. Very elegant, classy performer with equally classy props. I don't do a stage or candle act, but I do use a lighter and so do a number of people where I play. This makes sense to use as a secondary surprise effect, or, as a more deliberate trick where you pull the silken color straight out of the lighter. It's extremely visual and smooth. The gimmicks are solid, a bit snug, but are all that they need to be to fullfill the purpose. I have started to include bits like this, because they capatalize on opportunities-otherwise mundane actions that suddenly become magical. Like... [Read More]

Official Review

April 28th, 2013 10:14pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Cool trick, well made gimmicks, good price, misleading ad copy and crappy instructions . . .

A borrowed lighter changes colors . . . cool trick.

The gimmicks required are light weight and can be carried with you anywhere you want - you only need to bring one. They're strong and will last quite a while I would presume . . . well made gimmicks.

For only ten bucks, this is a utility prop that you're very likely to get your money's worth . . . good price.

The ad copy claims, however, that you can change a lighter to one color and then change it back and hand out the lighter. Um . . . I'm not sure how you would do that with this gimmick . . . misleading ad copy.

The instructions are vague, less than a page long and not very clear. Further, they don't teach you the above mentioned effect of changing back. The handling taught for the basic effect is so vague that I basically just took a guess at what I thought they might be saying. Also, the... [Read More]

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