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5th Anniversary of


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Category: Collectibles
Media Type: Deck of Cards

Product Description

A special limited deck to commemorate the 5th anniversary of, often referred to as PCD.

Franken decks have been one of our most popular items at PCD, which are created by assembling a complete deck of cards from all different decks, a very time consuming process. So we decided to create a printed franken deck from our favorite decks we have produced and collaborated on from our first 5 years. This deck has 56 different backs and faces!

This deck is a must have for collectors, especially single card collectors. Many of the cards in this deck are from sold out favorites. These decks can also be used for casual card games such as solitaire and war, as well as a rainbow deck for magicians and a colorful eclectic deck for cardistry.

Special thanks to the USPCC custom division for their assistance in making this deck.Printed by USPCC Linen Finish on Classic StockPoker Size 52 Cards + 4 JokersProduced by Will RoyaLimited Edition of 1,0002022 Release
Date Added: Aug 4th, 2022
MLA SKU: 62eb6e77f3af7


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