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by Michel Huot

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Michel Huot

Product Description

Take a trip down memory lane with this unique and fun routine from the creator of Priceless and SOCKS. As soon as you will take out the ViewMaster the audience will connect with it! (yes even the millennials!)

Here is what happens in this 5-minute stand-up effect.

The magician shows and hands out some reels to be examined.

A spectator chooses one and pops it in the Viewmaster. He then puts everything behind his back and chooses one image randomly. He then looks at this image and keeps it in mind. The magician takes a notepad and draws the exact image the spectator is thinking of.

This is basically a booktest done with a Viewmaster. Magic (or mentalism) should be fun! That routine is exactly that...FUN!

Comes with10 reels (some gimmicked)The ViewmasterSpecial bagBonus: The Princess Card trick on a reelOnline instructionsDon't miss-out on this stand-up gem. Very limited quantities.

Here is what they have to say

"Bringing back nostalgic classics from the 90s seems to be a huge trend these days. Hollywood classics are being brought back both on television and the big screen. What Michel has done here is both very trendy and deeply nostalgic. Using a prop that reminds us all of our childhood gives it an extremely innocent feel, it is however anything but innocent. A clever method, an entertaining routine and a very engaging presentation from one of the best in the business!"
- Spidey, Mentalist

"This on is REALLY fun. Packs small, plays big so clearly effective"
- Maxence Vire - Goldenbuzzer and finalist at Spain's got talent season 17

"Nostalgia is a funky cool, 80's style mind reading miracle!"
-Richard Sanders

"OH WOW. Freaking Fantastic! I'm mad I didn't think of it. I lived inside a Viewmaster my whole childhood. SO, SO good."
-Jonathan Friedman
Date Added: Aug 2nd, 2022
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