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Automatic Magic Square

by Toto Noquez

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

This effect combines a little bit of mind reading and lot of impressive math wizardry. The Automatic Magic Square makes you look like a genius. Thankfully, the method only requires very basic elementary math skills.

They think of a number and immediately you start writing numbers down. It looks like their thoughts are guiding your pen to write numbers down. After you write many of the numbers down you ask for their number and in seconds you complete the magic square. You mention that while you did not write down their thought of number, something interesting has happened. You noticed that all of the numbers in each row equals their thought of number. Same goes for each column and the diagonal lines too. Not only that but you can even add the four corners and they add up to the thought of number. Whether it is mind reading, magic or math, the Automatic Magic Square is an impressive feat no matter how you add it up.
Date Added: Jun 16th, 2022
MLA SKU: 62ab82739da8a


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Official Review

June 21st, 2022 5:24am
Reviewed by Elliott Smith
Mathematical Mental Magic Wizardry. If you are a pro or have been in magic for a while you will certainly recognize this as being very close to Math Magic or Instant Magic Square, nothing really new. If you are a beginner this would be something good for you to learn with just a little bit of practice (you will have to know basic subtraction) and some time.

This can be done without any memorization should you wish so don’t worry. I have performed both the above effects over the years and Tori has brought to light a couple of helpful tips that make it a bit easier. The tutorial is just over 9 minutes and her explanation of the effect is done in just over 3 minutes. The rest of the time is devoted to the mathematical explanation of how and why this works. I really don’t think we as magicians (I didn’t) really care why it works, just teach me and let me go and do my thing.

As for patter and presentation, you will have to work that out on your own to suit your needs and... [Read More]

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