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A Dream of Aces (VHS)

by Ouellet, Gary

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: Camirand Academy

Product Description

A Dream of Aces is easy to perform and will not require months of practice. The handling is economical, deceptive and pleasing to the eye and can be performed to music, without patter. The routine follows the classical lines: the magician cuts a deck of cards and produces four Aces. Each Ace is then covered with three indifferent cards. Three of the Aces vanish from their piles and reappear together in one pile. The 42-page book is lavishly photo-illustrated. The routine introduces new concepts including the Most Outrageous Cut of All, a false cut which you won't believe until you try it, a brilliant approach to the vanish of the Aces and Gary's presentation which adds an emotional hook. Included are the required cards.

American VHS or PAL; overseas customers please specify.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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December 5th, 2004 2:26pm
Reviewed by Ken Gellhaus
This is a nice closer to a sit down set, best used after you've done a non card routine and retrieve the Deck (with the required cards).

Mr. Oellet's patter, which leads into a classic MacDonald's Aces done to music, may not be for everyone. It intentionally tries to tug at your heart strings, and for me it did. His story is based on a conversation he had as a youth in which an adult family member has seen this amazing card effect and starts to describe it to Gary before the story telling is replaced with [insert your favorite 2 min 20 second sentimental song here] music. This wouldn't work at a bar/restaurant gig but does at the end of an after noon set of close up.

I perform this to the haunting Vangelis' Tune Missing, from the movie of the same name; the card displays are almost balletic in looks very magical. Its a great closer because of the final display of the cards with the assembled Aces and the Moves that Oellet teaches that lead up to the final... [Read More]

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