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Celebrate The Seasons

by Bender, Carol & Steve

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Category: Gospel
Media Type: Book
Publisher: La Rocks

Product Description

This twenty-six page book written by Steve and Carol Bender, has sixteen different Gospel routines clearly explained. They can be done individually or as a complete show. If you are interested in gospel magic you won't want to miss this great little book.

There are routines for Aqua vase (Lota bowl); Advent Box (Square rabbit production box); the Ultimate (bunny) production box; Stage size Directional Arrow; The three wise men; The Drawer box deluxe; The Ultimate production box; Picture frame with Caterpillar Butterfly Insert; The Chef costume bag; The Dove pan with cake; Silkola tubes; Needle thru balloon; Three to one ropes; Vanishing glass; bounce no bounce balls; G or Slush powder and much more.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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