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ImpossiBall Video

by Mago Mai

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Category: Manipulation
Media Type: Video Download
Publisher: Ars Praestigium -

Product Description

ImpossiBall It is ideally performed directly in front of a spectator, or small group, but can be done on stage with proper angle considerations. It's perfect for performances before TV talk show cameras or for use on your own audition videos. A small ball very visibly vanishes, then reappears, from the performer's hand, in plain view. No gimmick or additional items of any kind are used. The video instruction is offered in high definition, from multiple camera angles, with multiple slow-motion practice sessions. There's also an added bonus effect, similar to ImpossiBall. The video comes in versions for both left and right-handed performers, as well as in English or Spanish.
Date Added: Jan 31st, 2018
MLA SKU: 5a72429081c42


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