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Magic Sand 8 oz (RED)

by Spangler, Steve

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Steve Spangler Science

Product Description

Magic Sand begins as normal looking sand, until it's dyed and coated with a substance that repels water. This coating keeps the sand dry even after it has been dumped into a container of water. Build castles and other structures under the water, then simply pour the water off when you're finished -- the sand is still dry! You can use it for fun science experiments again and again! AND, MAGICIANS have used this to mesmerize their audiences who have no idea of its special property!!

Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

How Does It Work?

Ordinary sand is free flowing and cannot form a structure that holds its shape. Because of its water-repellent properties, when Magic Sand is poured into water, it holds its shape and can even be molded into structures under water.

What Does It Teach?

Learn about the properties of water molecules and how hydrophobic products work. Students can experiment with Magic Sand and then regular sand and note the differences in water-repellent properties.
Date Added: Oct 25th, 2017
MLA SKU: 59f0367416054


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