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by Woodbury, Rand

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Category: Stage
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Rand Woodbury-Illusionworks Publications

Product Description

Rand Woodbury is a professional entertainer who loves the sounds of laughter; because that means the audience is having a GREAT time! Rand continually achieved those wonderful sounds by performing this effect nightly for 30 years. On this DVD, Rand shares his performance (or version) of Tony Slydini's legendary effect (Balls Over The Head). (The effect: the performer vanishes ball after ball in front of a mystified spectator, while the audience roars as they see what's really going on - the performer is actually tossing the balls over the spectator's head!)

If there was ever anyone who could take that effect and make it entirely their own (and completely different), it is Rand Woodbury. He follows his one-of-a-kind performance with (unrehearsed) dialogue about all aspects of the actual performance; from whom to select from your audience, to the sight lines, to the method, and he even offers lighting suggestions and personal advice about his extremely effective use of comedic patter during the performance. So, whether it's on the big stage or just in the living room for family and friends - this is the trick that can become the EVENT of the night... that everyone will talk about!!! INTRODUCTION LIVE PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCES METHOD IN STEPS THE MECHANICS THE TOSS HOW TO PICK WHO? THE PATTER, THE PAPER THE FLOOR LANGUAGE LIGHTING MY COMEDY #1 GETTING CAUGHT MY COMEDY #2 DO IT AT HOME IT PLAYS EVERYWHERE THE WHY? THANKS CREDITS EXTRAS: REAL HISTORY, LOOKING BACK, TIPS - KIDS, WOMEN ARE BEST BONUS: FATHER KNOWS, NEVER GET, OUT-TAKES
Date Added: Oct 21st, 2017
MLA SKU: 59eaf0735be0e


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