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Early Marlo

by Marlo, Ed

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Magic, Inc.

Product Description

This is the enlarged 1976 edition. Contains all the early Marlo material, formerly put out in a dozen or more pamphlets. Now, with all new art work, all printed and spiral bound for easy study.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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Official Review

January 27th, 2003 5:05pm
Reviewed by David Acer
As with Early Vernon, the good folks at Magic Inc published the first edition of Early Marlo in the 1960’s, with the intention of preserving a number of Ed’s 1940’s monographs that were in danger of being lost to posterity. Frankly, having now read these, I feel that most would have been better served by allowing them to become the stuff of legend, rather than the object of study. The exception to this is the fourth and final chapter, which we’ll talk more about in a moment.

“Pasteboard Presto,” the first manuscript/chapter, contains nine card routines, all of which make use of bent or crimped cards. There are three approaches to locating a selected card, one in which the card is found reversed in the deck (the mechanics for this are described in one terse sentence “ “Slip the top card [selection] to the bottom, reversing it in the action, cut the deck bringing it to the center.”). There is also an obsolete version of “Everywhere and... [Read More]

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