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Houdini Code Mystery--A Spirit Secret Solved, The

by Rauscher, William V.

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Category: History
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Magic Words

Product Description

This book could well be called The Unmasking of Harry Houdini. Was Houdini, as the long-standing myth begs us to believe, truly the world's greatest magician? Did he communicate a secret message to his wife through a famous spirit medium? If you give credence to either of these claims, prepare to have your beliefs shattered. By bringing together the opinions of those who actually knew and worked with Houdini, the author has painted a most accurate portrait of this American icon. Some with argue that the author has tarnished Houdini's polished image while others will hail it as the most honest account ever written. 192 pages. 60 photographs, tipped-in frontispiece. Limited to 1000 numbered copies.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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Official Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
I am a huge fan of the work Mike Caveney has produced through his Magic Words publishing house. Many obscure and unknown performers, and some more well known ones, have been profiled in intelligent and revealing ways for which all students of magic should be grateful.

It was interesting therefore to see perhaps the most written about magical performer, Houdini, featured in one of the titles. To be specific, this book by Rev. William Rauscher explores the mystery of the Houdini Code; the alleged transmission delivered by medium Arthur Ford which proved “undeniably” that Houdini had returned in spirit form. It is the “undeniable” aspect of that claim which Rauscher addresses.

First, the good points. As of all of Caveney’s productions, this book is lovely. Well bound, well illustrated, a good heft, it’s a first rate product from the publishing standards. The contents however, are another story.

When it comes to the Houdini Code mystery itself, I think Rauscher could... [Read More]

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