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Bicycle Prism Gilded DecK

by Collectable Playing Cards

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Category: Collectibles
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Mike Guistolise

Product Description

Do you want to really grab your audience when you show your deck of cards? How about conveying that you take your magic seriously? Do you want to impress them from the very start of your card routine, before you've even begun your first effect? Done!

USPCC printed and released only 48 of the Bicycle Prism Gilded Deck at Magic Live 2016 featuring a special "Magic Live" bar code.

Collectable Playing Cards has partnered with USPCC to release a Limited Edition of the Bicycle Prism Gilded Deck. This deck will have a onetime print run of only 1,000 decks. This deck will be extremely collectable and a must have for all collectors.

Note that USPCC has a 10% over under print when printing decks. They had an over print of this deck. This version of the Prism decks is the same as the limited edition, but does not have number seals. They have a regular black USPCC seal. Over Run - Black SealsBicycle Branded Metallic Ink on Tuck Case Prism Gilding Embossed Tuck Die Cut Tuck Case Air-Cushion FinishStandard Cards and Courts
Date Added: Jun 24th, 2017
MLA SKU: 594e0df3dd66c


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