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201 Jokes for Card Magicians

by Darwin, Gary

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Gary Darwin

Product Description

There have been several books written about comedy patter for magicians and entertainers, but this is the first one devoted entirely to Card Magic. The prolific Gary Darwin's "201 Jokes For Card Magicians" is an impressive collection of jokes, gags and one-liners. Some old, some new, (mostly stuff you've never heard before) some borrowed, and some "R" rated too. Gary has provided you with this valuable tool that will allow you to handle just about every situation you could encounter while performing with your favorite deck of cards. There's a section on shuffling jokes, do-that-again jokes and what to say when you've dropped the cards or the trick fails. You know that happens some times. Whether you're seasoned Cardician, or someone who just performs a few card tricks, you will find a lot of audience tested material to use.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: lb86gyXBJlqKFw


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