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A Magician Prepares: Act One - Interviews

by Joshua Stenkamp and Jason Wethington

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Black Jacket Entertainment Company LLC

Product Description

A Magician Prepares Act One - Interviews explores the relationship between magic, art, and theater. These are intimate conversations with top professionals from the secretive world of magic. Each interview is an unscripted journey of personal stories, unique insights, and valuable advice in creating magical experiences for your audiences.

Includes interviews with The Amazing Johnathan, Mac King, Rudy Coby, Tony Brent, Terry Ward, TC Tahoe, Karl Hein, John Ekin, David Kaye, Tina Lenert, Jeff Alan ,Todd Robbins, John Lovick, Michael Finney, Mick Ayres, Peter Samelson, Tom Frank, Paul Romhany, and Daniel Sylvester.

There is much to learn when mining the gems from these true professionals of our art - you will be thrilled reading this book!
Date Added: Jun 17th, 2017
MLA SKU: 5944d374c78ab


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