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Vanishing Coins

by John Carney

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Category: Close Up
Media Types: Computer DVD, Live Streaming Lecture, Streaming Video
Publisher: John Carney

Product Description

John Carney takes you beyond the French Drop, with a demonstration of some of the most off-beat and baffling methods to effect the vanish of a coin.

Carney is known for making his sleight of hand look effortless, and here he shows you how that is done, whether it’s an advanced technique, or as simple making a Thumb Palm more natural, or a French Drop more deceptive. These details are what separate the accomplished practitioner from the neophyte.

Each entry is a lesson unto itself, with the proper technique and approach to create a truly startling, deceptive illusion. These are lessons that apply to all your sleight-of-hand, teaching not just tricks and moves, but a proper understanding of universal principles.

Who better to teach you than John Carney?
Date Added: Feb 17th, 2017
MLA SKU: 58a7505562482


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