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Scripted! #4: The 21 Card Trick

by Larry A. Brodahl

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Categories: General, Close Up, Mentalism, Comedy, Beginners
Media Type: eBook

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SCRIPTED! #4: The 21 Card Trick

Who doesn't know the 21 card trick?

Nobody, that's who. And that unfortunately includes many laymen.

So, the author of “HOW TO WRITE A SCRIPT” decided to tackle this trick “ in it's classical format “ as a challenge to create a script and handling that disguises the mathematical method while entertaining the onlookers.

This ebook supplies the script and simple moves that resulted from that challenge.

The script has audience involvement, NEVER asks “Which row is your card in?”, and has a surprise ending.

The ebook also takes you through the an overview of the steps of the script writing process used to create script.

And best of all, it's - FREE!!!!
Date Added: Oct 9th, 2016
MLA SKU: 57f9b1a5706a6


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