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Deliberate Magic

by Larry A. Brodahl

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Categories: General, Stage, Comedy
Media Type: eBook

Product Description

This ebook is for the parlor/banquet/stage performer that wants to add funny, well-thought out, and HIGHLY visible routines to his or her act.

A performer that wants tricks that actually work.

Where the nasty things, like angles and spectator management have been thought out.

The material is:

Solution 6 - a 6 card repeat that has an actual magical climax and a totally logical story line. This routine is loosely based on the Tarbell/Crandall/Benson routine from Tarbell 6, but ends with the magical appearance of money.

VanCan - a vanishing candle that you can perform within inches of your audience.

MeneBene - a classic effect where the performer causes the audience to name a card that has been sitting in a glass since before the show began. Simple sleights replace any pocket cards, sticky stuff, or rough and smooth.

Serendipity - an extension of the Patrick Page trick CopyCat Cards and John Archers DoDeckADeal. The difference? It's a trick that defines how coincidence works by telling a cute (and real) story of the Huntrodds. And with each iteration of the trick, the coincidences get bigger and bigger.

BloKnot - a quickie for the manipulator type that wants to do a vanishing knot that vanishes in the most visible way possible.

Brody's Choker - Grandmother's necklace type effect done with 2 different colored ropes. Visible funny magic.

Each and every piece of magic in the book is explained in great detail, and the full scripts from Larry's acts are included.
Date Added: Oct 9th, 2016
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