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Finger Flasher (Natural)

by Jeremy Bracco

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Categories: Close Up, Pyrotechnics
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Bracco Productions

Product Description

BRACCO presents a gimmick that will become indispensable in your performances on stage or close-up.

You can whenever you like produce a fireball in a dazzling flash!
This accessory is invisible to the public and can very discreetly disappear once the production of your choice is made.

It is also possible to charge this Finger Flasher with air bursts for even more impressive productions. Made with quality materials, this accessory is beautifully crafted and can be used with cotton flash dry (not supplied). This Finger Flasher will accentuate all your productions and will highlight any effect!
Date Added: Sep 24th, 2016
MLA SKU: 57e62479e60b0


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Official Review

January 6th, 2017 5:54am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson
Before getting into what I like and don’t like, … this was a difficult review to write because the product came with NO INSTRUCTION whatsoever. While I have been performing magic for many years, I personally had never used any device that produces a flash from the hand. I suspect I’m not the only person who is not familiar with this effect. If you fall into that category, well then you will be discomforted to know that you won’t be disappointed if you were expecting no instructions. My English teacher would have loved that last sentence.

Before getting into the pluses and minuses of this product, I should give a brief explanation of what you get and how to use it since they don’t explain that. You get an elastic cord attached to a safety pin and a plastic device with a little triggering device, much like what is on a cigarette lighter. You place a small piece of balled up flash paper or flash cotton in the cup of the device, flick the trigger wheel and it creates a... [Read More]

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