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Dr. Clutterhouse Comedy Act

by Gylleck, Elmer

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Category: Comedy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Magic, Inc.
Publication Summary: 1967, 42 pgs.
Format: Spiralbound

Product Description

The Dr Clutterhouse Comedy Act is a full routine of sight and situation comedy and is a perfect vehicle for those with a flair for showmanship and a taste for the funny stuff. Every detail, all props illustrated and explained for easy building, all steps routined and programmed. The laughs begin as soon as you step onstage carrying a briefcase. The laugh sequences build to a hearty climax. The act can be altered and varied to use bits and pieces in your current act or you can do the act exactly as is. All you need to add is showmanship.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: hkwhJ4qBnSEq4L5


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