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Vortex Magic Presents FALL - Trick

by Banachek and Ryan, Philip

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism, Hypnotism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Vortex Magic

Product Description

This is one of the strongest effects you can do with a Sharpie marker. A Sharpie is placed on a table or on a glass. The performer concentrates and the pen falls dramatically to the floor. Simple, direct yet powerful. Both Banachek and Ryan have had people screaming and even running out of a room!

With this updated version by Philip Ryan you can now control the timing of the drop - making it take 15 seconds or up to 2 minute depending on how dramatic you want this to be.

You can control the time of the drop of the pen
No magnets or threads
You can be as far away as you like from the pen when it falls
Includes gimmick Sharpie plus download video
Perform surrounded anytime, anywhere
Date Added: Aug 20th, 2016
MLA SKU: 57b7fff9b0fba


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