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Illusion Book, The

by Mayne, Andrew

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Andrew Mayne

Product Description

The author of Solo-X and Illusion F/X presents a brand new book of large illusions. Whether you're planning your club show or a television special, there's something here for you. 100 new and original ideas. 100 illustrations and diagrams. Includes:

Cut an audience member in half with a pair of giant scissors.

Appear from a small remote control car.

Make an elephant disappear without actually owning one.

Crawl through a four-inch hole.

Turn your assistant into a motorcycle.

Softcover, 220 pages.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: h4bVtOCmle6n7FQ


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May 11th, 2003 8:50pm
Reviewed by daviddeltoro
Listen to me very carefully. This book is rubbish. The illusions contained in this book are more or less impractical, ridiculous and some of them are simply jokes that Mr. Mayne is doing to the magical comunity. Only one or two little ideas would be ,with a lot of hard work of your own, practical.
To mention one stupid thing that Mr. Mayne offers to his readers: the disappearance of an elephant you don't have only can be done without showing the elephant!!. Rubbish, Rubbish and more Rubbish.

Buy Osborne, Steinmeryer, perhaps Woodbury but never this rubbish.

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