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Silver Scepter by Premium Magic - Trick

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Categories: General, Stage, Childrens, Clowning, Comedy, Beginners
Media Type: Utility Props
Publisher: The Essel Magic

Product Description

Over the years, many versions of the Rising Rod have appeared, and my first experience with it was a pencil which rose from its leather case. I understand that a plastic model has been put out and indeed it did break when it was accidentally dropped. The late Eddie Joseph used a wand and one or two stunts described herein may possibly be credited to him. My own slender model has been admired many a time, and it is only after repeated requests that I have decide to release it, together with my routine, which provides some comedy, and reasoning behind all that I do.

The rod is designed to last a lifetime, the 'knobs' have been specially made to work smoothly and flat elastic has been used because it gives better results than the round elastic normally used. Most models usually have only one 'operative' end, which meant the performer had to keep track of it. With this rod though you can use either end and this adds to the effect when repeating a 'rise', the rod is turned over and the other end is taken in hand. There are four phases: The rise from a handkerchief, the rise from the bag supplied, horizontal movements left and right from the same bag, and finally shooting out of the bag high into the air.
Date Added: Jul 16th, 2016
MLA SKU: 5789db7e95de8


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