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Jumping Gem Pen (Dr. Prace Eye Care)

by Prace, Jeff

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Jeff Prace

Product Description

A modern adaptation of the Jumping Gem! This pen combines one of magic's most iconic paddle tricks and an innocent prop to create a fresh approach to the classic routine.

Presented as an eye exam, a circle jumps all around the pen's body before visually splitting into two! But the eye test does not end there! The text on the pen instantly becomes blurry and can be handed out for examination at the end.

-Jumping Gem pen
-Additional pen for kicker ending
-Video instructions by Genii columnist Jeff Prace
Date Added: Jul 13th, 2016
MLA SKU: 5785e7029f113


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Official Review

December 24th, 2016 8:51pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I have already said in another review that the Pizza Paddle is my favorite paddle trick. However, this one is one of the most versatile effects, as it has a more universal theme of eye care. You could perform this in almost any close-up situation.

With this product, you get two pens and a ten minute download instruction video. The two pens are both gimmicked. With one pen, a dot in the middle of ”Dr Prace Eye Care” jumps to the end and then to the beginning. The second pen starts out where the first pen left off and the writing turns blurry when you give the pen a little shake.

The download video instructions are only ten minutes long, but the explanation is very good. Jeff cuts to the chase and gets to the explanation quickly. He covers the handling of a routine that starts with the first pen and ends with the second pen.

The quality of the pens is excellent. These pens should last you a very long time even if you carry them around with you every day. ... [Read More]

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