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Sleeving (2 DVD Set)

by Park, Seol; Lukas

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Categories: General, Close Up, Stage
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Lukas

Product Description

"Poetic. Artistic. Lukas elevates the art of magic with every card he produces."
- Jeff McBride

"Lukas is one of those rare souls who elevates the art of magic to the level of fine art. Prepare to be inspired!"
- Charlie Frye

"His performance is sentimentally full of passion, with his own poetry. Lukas presents something beautiful in visual figure."
- Juliana Chen

"I saw it right before my eyes and I could not work out how it was done. This is no trickery, it's true sorcery."
Mr. Maric

Introducing "Sleeving," the new collaboration project from Lukas Crafts.

The definitive project on sleeving for close-up or stage! From classic techniques to modern evolution! It's all contained within this two DVD set. Everything you need to know about sleeving. Watching the video is essential!

Lukas Crafts has produced an incredible project that is the definitive authority on sleeving. Sleeving can be considered the closest thing to real magic that can be performed! Why - because it's instantaneous, visual and happens right in front of your eyes. When you watch professionals like these - even when you know how it's done - you brain will short circuit! It's that good.

What makes this product even more amazing? It features two contemporary award winning magicians Lukas and Seol Park. Lukas (2015 FISM Stage Winner) & Seol Park (2015 FISM Close-up Winner). Together they not only share their techniques, ideas and theory, but there are routines and acts that you could actually perform on stage.

Included in the DVD are many sleights and basic sleeving techniques, a theory session from each magician about their thoughts on sleeving, and many professional routines that you can ultimately practice and perform.

1) Lukas of Wonder
2) D
Date Added: May 25th, 2016
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Official Review

July 14th, 2020 12:18am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Sleeving” is a two DVD set that teaches, as one might expect, sleeving, for both close up and the stage. It stars the 2015 FISM Stage award winner, Lukas, and 2015 FISM Close Up award winner, Seol Park. The contents include theory, technique and routines, both close up and for the stage, that utilize sleeving, as well as some fundamental non-sleeving techniques used in many of the routines.

Disk one covers sleeving for the stage. The disc begins with some basic technique and manipulation using billiard balls, silks and cards. This section is a bit confusing, as it contains no discussion of sleeving, though it becomes apparent this is to provide a foundation for the sleeving techniques and routines taught later. The instruction is adequate, though at times a bit fast, particularly when Lukas teaches complex techniques like split fans and the production of single and multiple cards. These moves are included to make the production complete, as the ability to do these... [Read More]

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