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Clign (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

by Anthony Stan

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Categories: General, Close Up
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Magic Smile Productions

Product Description

Learn how to do incredible card changes without touch!

A card is inserted in the middle of the deck. Now, it's impossible to manipulate the cards.

You just put your hand in front of the card and it changes to the chosen card (as an example). You can give the card and the deck out for examination.

Clign is simple, visual and practial. Anthony teaches everything you need to know: including 7 effects, extra variations and ideas.

Clign allows you to achieve a lot of powerful effects:

Appearing card, vanishing card, color change, transposition, cigarette penetration, prediction change, trick with a borrowed smartphone, etc.

Easy to doVisual, Simple, and PracticalOver 40 minutes of detailed instructions (English / Fran
Date Added: Apr 19th, 2016
MLA SKU: 5715d778b747c


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Official Review

December 19th, 2016 8:52am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
I do not get excited that often about new effects coming onto the market, and this one certainly did not cause excitement, but it did not quite disappoint either, however, and the possibilities with this gimmick are wide and varied. Before we begin, for those of you non-French speakers, the name of this effect is not a typo. It is a French word meaning 'to blink'.

The ad copy is completely honest but I do want to point something out: It says at one point that you can cause cards to change without touch, which is true to a point, then it corrects itself in the paragraph right after that so I do not consider it contradictory or deceptive wording. To clarify: You can cause a card to change without actually touching it, however, it is sticking out of the middle of the deck when it changes, so technically you are not touching the card directly.

The video is of good quality and there are two versions available to stream with the included password, a French version and an... [Read More]

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Official Review

June 20th, 2022 4:16am
Reviewed by James Sanden
In essence, “Clign” by Anthony Stan is a sort of “test condition” card change. In the effect, a deck is held vertically on its side on the palm of the hand. A card, perpendicular to the deck, juts out from the side. The magician waves their hand in front of the card and it instantly changes. The change looks fantastic.

Based on the packaging and the appearance of the change, I was expecting some sort of gimmick, which it does include. But calling it a “gimmick” is quite an overstatement. While the effect can’t be done with just a deck of cards, the gimmick can be made in seconds with an extra card. Which leads me to my first complaint. Even with the gimmicks, I feel $17 is a bit much for this release. Yes, the gimmicks are made from non-standard cards, but they are likely cards most magicians will have in their magic drawer. Releasing this as a download for $10 would have been more appropriate.

“Clign” comes with 4 gimmicks, each of which broadens the number of... [Read More]

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