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Mel Mellers The Travelling Trickster

by Mark Leveridge

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Categories: Stage, Comedy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Mark Leveridge Magic

Product Description

148 pages, softback, produced in color throughout and featuring routines, comedy lines and advice from the UK's top comedy performer

With his hilariously sharp yet playful put down lines and quirky comedy plots, Mel Mellers has rightly established himself as one of the nation's favorite stand up performers. Equally at home in front of lay people or a theater full of magicians, Mel's individual performance style, which has been honed over many years as a pro and through countless performances all over the world, is a delight to experience.

Now you can go behind the scenes with this truly inspiring performer and learn how you too can become a top flight entertainer. Mel gives freely of his advice on all aspects of performance, including audience management, misdirection, how to put an act together, creativity, the 6 rules of comedy, practising, hecklers and entertaining children and families. He shares with you scores of hilarious one liners covering all manners of performing situations that you will be able to use in your shows too. Plus he gives full details of over 50 of his feature routines and ideas, most of which are simple to do and which come with Mel's presentations and patter lines.

Mel Mellers is one of magic's real larger-than-life characters, and this book will also explain some of his background, give you various anecdotes from his closest friends in magic about the antics that Mel has gotten into over the years, and will provide you with a thoroughly entertaining and instructive read.
Date Added: Apr 9th, 2016
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Official Review

May 26th, 2018 12:13am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Mel Mellers: The Traveling Trickster by Mel Mellers is partly a biography about, and partly a book of tricks from, British comedy magician and mentalist, Mel Mellers. It contains over fifty ideas, tricks and routines from Mr. Mellers working repertoire, eight essays, an abundance of one liners, plus reproductions of much of the promotional materials Mr. Mellers used over the course of his career.

While there are some clever methods to be found in the book, the bulk of the content consists of fun, interesting, and comedic presentations for classic magic and mentalism. All of the material is from Mr. Mellers’ working repertoire and comes complete with full presentations and scripts. There are some truly wonderful and entertaining ideas to be found.

It’s important to note that Mr. Mellers’ approach to comedy is a classic, almost old-school, one, and many of the jokes he tells are at the expense of the audience. While he can do this with grace and skill, the ability to... [Read More]

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