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$wap (DVD and Gimmick)

by Lawrence, Nicholas

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Category: General
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.

Product Description

"Swap" in three words: PRACTICAL, ORIGINAL, STUNNING.

Nicholas Lawrence releases his "pet" pocket effect, which he does every day to amaze the people in his life. The effect is this: you reach into your pocket and remove a dollar bill and clearly show it. Now you VISUALLY move the printed seal around on the bill and cause it VISIBLY change places with another insignia. You can then hand out the bills and nothing suspicious can be found.

Moving printed material on bills is not new, but the startling nature of causing two symbols to change places IS new, and it makes for a moment your spectators will never, ever forget.

Nicholas covers everything you need to know to perform "Swap." There is some easy preparation required, but nothing more than a little cutting and gluing! To perform the trick, you'll need to use currency that has two insignias/stamps the same size (US dollars are the perfect currency).
Date Added: Mar 30th, 2016
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Official Review

November 7th, 2016 9:41am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
$wap is Nicholas Lawrence’s moving graphic on a dollar bill trick released in conjunction with Vanishing Inc. With $wap, the performer shows the spectator a stack of dollar bills and points out that on each and every bill there are two seals. A black seal on the left face side of the bill and a green seal on the right face side of the bill... except one of the bills was “misprinted” as the and the seals are opposite and in the wrong place. Then, magically, in an instant, the seals transpose by a quick finger rubbing movement by the performer and the bill can be instantly handed out. It is very visual, evocative and impressive.

$wap comes with a well-produced 25 minute DVD and some “things” that are needed to construct your gimmick. The construction is very easy and takes about 5 minutes to complete with standard arts and crafts supplies. If you have made any gimmicks before, or have kids in the house, you will likely already have what is needed to complete the... [Read More]
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