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Fixed Fate

by Francis, Cameron

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Category: General
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Big Blind Media

Product Description

Predicted Card at PREDICTED NUMBER - a self working miracle! Comes with Bicycle Deck!

The magician hands a blue-backed deck to a spectator, who is then asked to name a random number - let's say they say, 15.

The spectator is asked to turn the deck face up and slowly deal down 15 cards. Every card is clearly different and the spectator stops at the 15th card. Let's say it is the Ten Of Clubs.

The magician reiterates just how fair this was. The spectator chose a random number. The spectator dealt down to THAT number themselves and ended on a card. Both the chosen number and the chosen card were freely arrived at.

The magician shows that, had a different number been named, a different card would have been selected. So that makes it all the more impossible when the Ten Of Clubs is flipped over to reveal that it has a RED BACK! It's the only card from a different deck. However that isn't the biggest shock... that would be the huge number 15 written across the back of the card! Self-working No sleight of hand Can be a different card and number every time No gaffs, sticky stuff, rough & smooth, mathematics or memory work Resets in seconds Comes with a USPCC Bicycle Deck and full DVD instructions. Fixed Fate - you'll be blowing away your audiences in no time!

"Fixed Fate is a tremendous effect!"
- Stephen Tucker

"I just LOVE it!"
- Jack Carpenter
Date Added: Mar 17th, 2016
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Official Review

November 7th, 2016 9:41am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Fixed Fate by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media is a very strong card prediction effect. This trick doesn’t just fry your audience, it microwaves their brains.

You give a spectator a folded piece of paper and indicate that it is a prediction and then a blue deck of cards is removed from the card box by the performer. You ask the spectator to help you cut the deck, which she does when the performer is holding the deck. The spectator names a number between, say 5 and 20, and the cards are dealt down by the performer one at a time until that number is arrived at, thereby determining the spectator’s card. During the dealing of the cards, the faces of the cards are shown as are the blue backs of each card. The performer then continues past the selected number and arrived at card showing some more different card faces and some more blue backs thereby proving that had the thought of number been different, the arrived at card would have been different… and don’t forget... [Read More]
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