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Bewitching Sticks

by Brian Watson

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Categories: General, Close Up, Collectibles
Media Types: Trick, DVD
Publisher: Cups & Balls Magic

Product Description

Unquestionably Brian Watson… This product, like all the products produced by Brain Watson shares the same attention to quality and craftsmanship. I am actually to the point that I can spot one of his products just on sight and feel alone. This Bewitching Sticks are a set you will treasure. The weight and balance is perfect. The perceived value is immediate when you hold them in your hands. They are elegant and refined.

The Bewitching Sticks are the most beautiful, practical and durable paddle tricks in the world! Hand crafted, finished and detailed in finest English (lead free) pewter and adorned with Swarovski crystals, not only do they look stunning (and classy), they will last a lifetime.

Note: This was a special run, something this unique and specialized will probably never be crafted again. That stated, we are very lucky at Stevens Magic to have secured a small number of these items as a result of a trade with Brian. Thus, who knows how long they will be available.

(Comes With Instructional DVD)
Date Added: Mar 14th, 2016
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April 27th, 2016 10:18pm
Reviewed by Cyril May
Brian Watson's Bewitching Sticks elevate the once humble paddle move device to the level of Dumbledore-like elegance. If the noble Head Master of Hogwarts were to ever perform with a Hot Rod, he would buy a set of Bewitching Sticks. They are elegant, jeweler's quality pewter with inset gems. The gems are not cheap plastic, but a higher quality that catches light and scintillates. They look magical all on their own and will replace the "cheap trick" feel of most hot rods/paddles with a sophistication and substance far superior.

The three rods include a standard Hot Rod with 6 different colored gems on one side and all same color gems on the other. The two other rods feature blank side/1 gem and 1 gem/2 gems. Brian shares a routine for these which I have adapted for my own performance style. You can easily develop many routines with rods separate or all three together.

One caution is that I personally felt ill-at-ease tapping the 2nd and 3rd stick together as Brian does. ... [Read More]

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