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50 SHADES OF GOLD - 50 Stagecraft Secrets

by Dobson, Wayne

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Categories: Stage, Comedy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Wayne Dobson

Product Description

From a star studded career on the biggest stages. Royal command performances and years in TV, Wayne Dobson finally reveals his top 50 golden rules of stagecraft.

Learn how to transform your performance with tried and tested advice and tips from the master.

An A6 pocket sized booklet containing 50 stagecraft tips that will take your stage performance to the next level and beyond...

This booklet can be carried with you everywhere. There is even a note section for you to make those all important notes.

In limited supply, make sure you order your Stagecraft booklet today!

Full color cover, 24 pages, A6 size.
Foreword by Joe Pasquale

"24 carat! A lifetime of professional advice and wisdom distilled into a potent potion that will turn your magic to gold!"
- Jeff McBride

"50 pearls of wisdom that you can learn in 50 minutes, without spending 50 years on trial and error"
- Luis de Matos
Date Added: Dec 5th, 2015
MLA SKU: 566299857c976


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